It's a fact that if you have chickens, you are going to attract rats, since there is a supply of water and food, but rats come out at dusk when they blend into the background, which makes it hard to deal with them and keep their numbers in check. You can't use poison, since the chickens will eat it too.

We realise that being a bit rural, rats are here too, but there is a line and its disease and damage to the neighbors gardens. After all we don't want to make life difficult for the neighbours either, so, we need a solution to manage rat numbers. Enter the Kemo B223 Infra-red LED spotlight that emits 870nm-950nm infra red light, which is ideal when coupled with an old Sony nightvision camcorder and an air rifle.

One of these modules will be fitted under each nesting box in a waterproof box and controllable from the web interface on the Raspberry Pi. A small led will also be fitted on the front panel, since we want to ensure that we know when the light is on, since each of these units will take 300ma, which is a lot of power when you only have a limited supply